Versailles Peace Treaty with Germany

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YES, THE PROVISIONS OF THE VERSAILLES TREATY WERE THE WORST POSSIBLE SETTLEMENT OF THE FIRST WORLD WAR AFTERMATH Name: Course: Date: Introduction Versailles peace treaty that was involuntarily signed by Germany after France, Italy and Britain representative alongside USA’s involvement remains one of the worst possible settlements of the much-needed peace in the aftermath of the First World War. This paper looks into the contents of the treaty and shows the flaws of various provisions that made it less popular. The Terms of Versailles Peace Treaty The treaty terms were very harsh in Germany who was not allowed to be at the negotiation table alongside the representatives of France that was the main rival headed by President Clemenceau from the French nation, Vittorio Orlando of Italy, Britain’s David Lloyd and USA’s Woodrow Wilson. It is possible to postulate that the treaty took advantage of the weak German military and government and developed punitive provisions for the treaty to favor France. It is because of the biases in the treaty that saw Orlando and Clemenceau lose their political seats while Wilson got rejected by the US Senate, and Lloyd faced dissents in Europe. If it would be a good treaty, then its champions would not face such wrath back in their home countries but would be celebrated. Therefore, the provisions were the worst possible for the settlement of the First World War. The developments to the First World War were also important in informing the treaty as inadequate. Before the war, Europe was highly divided based on political alliances and treaties with some countries being allies and others enemies. On the one hand was the Triple

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