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VERMEER’S HAT Name of Course Name of Student Date Published by Timothy Brook in 2007, “Vermeer’s Hat” delves into the origin(s) of trade using six paintings. Particularly, Brook focuses on the trade during the 17th century while attempting to create a global relationship between European countries and others. According to his book, the author sees the 17th period as one of improvisation. Thus he states, "seventeenth century was the age of improvisation." First of all, the author states that the 17th century was one of the second contacts as the first contacts were non-existent. People were supposed to learn the new languages, customs, and traditions that were already in place. The author reiterates that the time for creation was before the 17th century thus adaptation was the day’s order. The people had enough time beforehand to create and execute their best designs that would be used by the 17th-century people. In fact, the already existing cultural affiliations could not be altered or manipulated, so it was people's duty to simply adjust and adapt to the system. Their actions and behaviors, also, during the 17th century were supposed to be molded to create an alignment with the existing ‘protocol.’ Brook further supports the “age of improvisation” by dismissing any ideas affiliated with discovery, creation or designs. Furthermore, Brook looks into the 17th century from another perspective; reiterating that the period was set aside for ‘nostalgic’ rediscovery of the past centuries. He understands that; as an age of improvisation, people will use the 17th century to perfect the already existing discoveries and fix any form(s) of mistakes. To

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