Value Ethics

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The love I have for people and the quest for happiness are the requisites that drive all my purpose and value for life. I would like to live a simple life, which entails sharing my values and knowledge with people. I respect people’s opinions, property and the community mode of life. I stand firm on my beliefs and do not compromise with my values as much as I respect people. I take responsibility for my actions no matter the consequences. I also admire individuals who can accept their mistakes and accommodate constructive criticism from counterparts. I draw my ethical perspective from various sources of ethics that relate to my values. The ethical theories include Deontology, Moral Relativism, and care based method. Sometimes, I still find myself in silly mistakes, yet I find comfort in learning that my vision is still work in progress. This paper is a picture of my values for ethics. It highlights the ethical perspectives where I draw my virtues. It also highlights on the life scenarios that have shaped my value and beliefs. In brief, this paper also highlights the person I am today in comparison with what I would want to be in future. I cherish the lives of friends and relatives closest to me. I always strive to see the best side of people around me. My conscience is my most entrusted and most reliable guide for what I consider ethical. I believe in living a happy life despite the prevailing circumstances. I find the actual meaning of life when my action enhances and illustrates self-respect and respect for every creation on earth. I appreciate what people around me value. I recognize people’s opinions, property and community mode of life. I take responsibility

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