Value, Attitudes and diversity in the workplace

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Value, Attitudes, and Diversity in the Workplace Name: Institution: Value, Attitudes, and Diversity in the Workplace An effective leader should have the potential to identify attitude and value in his or her team. For instance, he can test their integrity through checking if the staff is implementing duties under minimal supervision. According to the course book, the aspect of teamwork can be evaluated through monitoring how huge is the collaboration inside the firm (Pearson Canada Inc, 2016, p 6). This is similar to Tim Horton's interview response on aspect dealing with the team working capability. According to Tim Hortons, the sharing of information should be open and fair for all members (Tim Hortons interview Answer, 2016, p 2). Furthermore, the concept of equality should be checked through ensuring employees are treated well according to the work ethical guidelines. Consequently, the course book highlight that there are various ways in which staff`s attitude affect the leadership of a particular firm (Organizational Behavior, 2016, p 10). For example, employee`s positive attitude encourages teamwork spirit, causes individual to be receptive to leadership, and it also offers a friendly working environment. According to RBC Bank interview response, employee’s negative attitude destroys teamwork within the firm (RBC Bank interview Answers, 2016, p 2). Therefore, this means they share the same ideology with that of the book. Besides, the book emphasizes that cultural diversity is another factor that can impact the normal operations of the firm. Therefore, there are certain ways of solving issues stimulated by cultural diversity. The same idea is shared by

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