Vaccines For Kids

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Vaccines for Kids Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Imagine a life without diseases. A life where one will not have to care about Medicare or medical bills. It would be a life where one of the last things to worry about would be health. What a wonderful life it would be. Unfortunately, we have to face the reality. Fighting diseases is something that each one has to face at a certain point in their life. In the past and recent years, more and more diseases have continued to emerge. Fortunately, some of these diseases can be prevented through vaccinations. However, not all the people are for the vaccination especially when it is for their kids. Some opponents have claimed that some of the vaccines have resulted in negative side effects. Hence, this raises questions as to whether all the vaccines are safe and if so, what should be done to convince parents to take their children for vaccinations. A healthy society and family is everyone’s dream. A vaccine is a biological antigenic prepared substance that provides acquired immunity against particular diseases. Immunity fights the foreign invaders called antigens by producing antibodies. Children below the age of 5 have a 99.8 percent chance of contracting communicable diseases since their antibodies are foreign from the mothers and hence the immune system is still evolving. Vaccinations are essential in reducing the morbidity and mortality rates of infectious diseases. Such diseases include measles, diphtheria, tetanus, childhood tuberculosis, pertussis, and poliomyelitis. Protecting a child against infections is proportional to protecting the whole community. This is true because some diseases are contagious

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