Utilizing this week readings and citing specific examples, analyze how the theory of constructivism shapes the interpretation of International law and conflict resolution in the IL.

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Constructivism Theory in International Law Name: Institution: Constructivism Theory in International Law International law seeks to solve conflict among states by providing an order that helps in mitigating the effects of the destructive conflict. It considers that conflict in autonomous sovereign states is inevitable and, therefore, needs to be addressed to ensure that they co-exist peacefully. While international law does not make it easier to handle conflicts it creates a platform for agreements between the conflicting states. Such agreements are binding to the states in such a way that they feel obliged to sustain peace and justice. Various theories are applied to interpret international law and conflict management. The paper analyzes the constructivist approach and how its shapes the conflict management process in International law. The constructivist approach that holds variable state features such as military power, International relations, trade institutions, and its domestic preferences because of their social meanings. It does not consider the objectivity of the variables as every state action has its own meaning based on its specific context. The meaning of each state action is derived from a clearly defined mix of history, norms, ideas and beliefs that are necessary for the understanding of the state behavior (Slaughter, 2011). It holds that the states exist within a social context and not material as expressed. Thus, the state, and particularly its actions are defined by its interests and identity. Constructivists argue that looking at the state behavior is not enough since it is influenced by other factors affecting the state. The constructivist

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