Utcomes of Child Abuse

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Criminal Justice Student’s name Institutional Affiliation Date Abstract Child abuse is thought to affect all domains of development (emotional, psychological, physical, behavioral and social) (Widom, 2014). This paper is aimed to discuss some of the possible outcomes of child abuse and how child abuse contributes to substance abuse and violent actions at an adult stage. According to various research conducted on the matter of child abuse and neglect, it is believed that child abuse results in disordered psychological development and behavior problems even at an adult phase (Widom, 2014). Researchers have frequently linked maltreatment with internalizing behaviors such as being sad, feeling depressed, isolated and withdrawn. Studies have also associated child abuse with externalizing behaviors such as being hyperactive and aggressive throughout childhood and in some cases throughout adulthood (Widom, 2014). Longitudinal researchers have indicated that child maltreatment results in both internalizing and externalizing behaviors in children, adolescents and at the adult phase. Various studies have shown that the bond of attachment created by the child and the caregiver plays a vital part in the child's life and even at his or her adult life (Widom, 2014). Outcomes of Child Abuse According to various research conducted regarding child abuse, approximately forty million children across the world are abused annually. Child abuse is experienced at any socioeconomic level, across cultural lines and all ethics, within all religions and every level of education (Widom, 2014). It is evident that children opt to grow stable and responsible if they have developed "a

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