Using GIS Spatial Analysis and Statistical Models to Predict the Occurrence of Coyote specie

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Occurrence of Coyote Species in an Urban or Human Transformed Area of Calgary Canada Name Date Institutional Affiliations Background Coyotes are indigenously North American animals that are currently spread out in entirely all terrestrial habitats that support their prey. They belong to the genre canis latrans and are members of the larger wild dog family comprising of jackals, dholes, wolves and foxes. Over the past, coyotes have resided in the wildland preying on mammals such as the white-tailed deer. In the rural environs, they have been reportedly attacking the sheep hence bringing a depredation of the industry and raising questions over their management strategies. However, as the population in the urban areas becomes concentrated, the wild land is being succeeded from the animals to peri-urban and urban settlements, a process that is bound to create conflicts between the animals and humans (Young and Malpeli, nd). Coyotes are very wary of humans and avoid them whenever possible, but with the infringement of their habitats, their occurrence in the urban and suburban areas in Calgary is currently very common. Due to their capacity to adapt to a range of landscapes, they present a perfect starting point for assessing the future wildlife management and their coexistence within the urban environment. The more than one million years existence and survival of the coyote species rests on their high plasticity and resilience a character that has helped them repossess their habitats within Calgary city. Of late, they are turning out to be urban-adapted carnivores. They have an assorted diet making it possible for them to thrive in any form of complex habitat matrix.

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