Using GIS Spatial Analysis and Statistical Models to Predict Habitat

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Coyotes are common predators across North America, but little is known about their features, distribution, and response to the urban environment. Unlike their bigger wild dog counterparts, there have been few studies trying to associate them with the suburban and urban locales. According to Sears et al. (2003), in the Northern America, the coyote species expand to regions where the wolf population has declined such as the sections not occupied by the Rufus and the Lycaon species in Ontario. However, conversion of the natural habitat to cities, residential areas, agricultural lands, parks, and other human development and industrial structures has continuously reduced the number of natural habitats, a fragmentation that significantly impacts the coyote’s survival. They remain a shy class of the wild dogs that has not yet fully learned to interact with humans in the open like the gray foxes and opossums. The insufficient information about the animals is associated with their survival tactics and unavailability in the public spaces. They have been able to keep a low profile hence causing fewer conflicts with the humans, a characteristic that has made them the acceptable type of urban carnivores. Nevertheless, the current change in the urban setup and reduction of the natural habitats is forcing them to redefine their survival and hence distribution. Modernization of the Calgary cities comes with adverse effects for the coyote. Although the increasing urban population and changing eating habits are providing a perfect setup for the coyote diets, there is a higher stake in their safety as they continue to breed. According to Riley et al. (2003), animals associated with night

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