Uses of Technology

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Name Student Affiliation Date Uses of Technology Advancements in the technology are probably the major milestone achievements in the recent years. Economies across the globe are striving to embrace these technological advancements in a bid to offer solutions for long-term challenges that have slowed developments in these economies. Technology has found usage in major fields amongst them communication, improving human interactions and learning among many other uses. It is important to note that technology aims at improving human engagements and interventions, for example, technological advancements surrounding the genetically modified organisms is perceived as a venture that would solve the global food shortage menace. The video showcases several uses attributed to technological evolutions among them the internet. The internet has linked people from across the globe; enabling them to communicate and interact through use of social media, e-mails, and websites. Such advancements have improved communications making the world a global village when one can reach the other at the click of the button (Importance of Technology, 2018). The poet in the poem Technology gives us an insight on how technology has eased their lives. The poet easily accesses movies, and they can also use the internet to find solutions. They are further fascinated by the fact that human have to keep up with the technology for them to fit in the modern world (Technology) In the audio, technology has adversely been used in education as a learning tool to aid and supplement student’s study tools. While there is need to maintain the interactive gap between the teacher and the student, technology

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