Uses and Gratification Theory

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Uses and Gratification Theory Name Institution Abstract Individuals are able to interact with other people through communication, which does not merely involve the passage of information but also encapsulates the channels used to transmit this information. Therefore, communication can occur verbally, visually, non-verbally, and electronically in light of the current computer-age. Communication enables individuals to understand what is happening in the world and assert one’s position based on one’s ability to express him/herself. In order to understand this essence of communication, this paper discusses the application of the uses and gratifications theory to understand how an individual is able to display his or her autonomy in media use. Therefore, it nullifies the commonly held notion that individuals’ behaviors are governed by the media, and especially the social media. The social media is selected because it is one area where people freely express their ideas because, at most times, the individuals hide behind pseudonyms. Moreover, the social media sites, and especially Facebook is an avenue for various activities, and an individual is able to relate to that activity which best suits him or her. Introduction Communication is essential in our day-to-day life because it helps to express our thoughts and views, which in turn is associated with a feeling of gratification. In the current world, direct face-to-face communication has become a major challenge as the society is engulfed in working relentlessly. The media has become the main form through which people get to learn and know what is happening in the world out there because sociability has

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