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Whether Global Warming is Taking Place or Not Name Institution Whether Global Warming is Taking Place or Not According to Vardiman, (2016), global warming is the notable century based scale increment in the average Earth’s temperature of the system of climate and its associated impacts or effects. Several studies and scholars have been seeking to find out whether the global warming is going on or not. Hence, this paper seeks to evaluate the issue of global warming is indeed taking place or not. Global warming is a key factor to put into consideration in the current century.Indeed global warming is happening. Vardiman, (2016) noted that the evidence that supports this is the unforeseen weather that we experience and the severe storms that have so far occurred such as Katrina and many others. Greenhouse gases that are as a result of human activities continue to heat the earth, and the climatic variations coherently prove that this warming leads to increment in both the frequency and intensity of cyclones within the tropics. The occurrence hurricanes between 1975 and 1989 and 1990 to 2004 are a proof of the climate models and real induced kind of climate change. Vardiman, (2016) identified that the human accelerated greenhouse gases and soot are as a result of deforestation and burning of fossil fuels lead to the reduction of the Arctic ice cap's size. The action in this scenario is very risky since it is this arctic icecap that offers the reflection of the energy from the sun away from the surface of the earth. In the absence of reflection that the ice cap does, temperatures are likely to increase thus resulting in drastic droughts and rainstorms. In

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