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Name Tutor Course Date Use of placebos Placebos are used in hospital drug experiments to determine whether a particular drug serves its purpose correctly. The primary setup of the placebo-controlled trial involves different subjects or groups. One of the team is given a placebo while the other one is given an experimental drug. The drug can either be an active drug or an inert substance depending on the type of experiment. The trials are double-blind which means that neither the researchers nor the subject knows which team is receiving the experimental drug to prevent any probable bias. However, various scientists have started questioning whether these placebo experiments are useful in testing experimental drugs. The paper will give a better explanation of the use of placebos in controlled operations and their effects on various subjects. The researchers who administer placebos may not be sure of the effectiveness of the trial to the person (Armenteros, Jorge, Ashraf and Mikhail 117). If more individuals report better results from the administration of the drugs with placebo, then the treatment is considered as a success. Placebos are mostly employed when experimental drugs are used to treat mental diseases. The effects of placebos are deemed strong especially when testing these types of drugs. It, therefore, becomes problematic to determine whether an experimental drug is functioning well compared to the one already in the application. According to Justman and Stewart (42), the use of placebos in medical research assists scientists to undoubtedly understand whether new clinical treatment is more effective or safer than no action at all. However, this is not

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