US Navy Ethics

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Professor's name Student's name Course Date US Navy Ethics The naval ethical policy in the US began during the American Revolution. The ethical policy and values have been passed since the beginning of the naval service in about 1775. The ethical policies included both dos and don’ts. Some basic policies which have been passed down since they are still binding now. The ethics of loyalty to the constitution and the laws still imminent as today. Ethical principles were still highly valued more than private gains. The ethics that governed the relationship between different ranks in the department have been the same since the time immemorial. Other ethical values include courage, honesty, and commitment among others. Ethical values promoted good attitudes and actions (Lucas & George, 269). The US Navy while doing the business of investigating cargo for both import and export were supposed to act without partiality in respect of persons, organization, and groups. Its leaders were expected to be honest and respect and be loyal to the constitution and the ethical principles of their operation more than self-interests and selfish gain. In the process of carrying out businesses, all the members were called to disclose openly all forms of fraud, corruption, misuse, and a waste of resources and even smuggling of drugs to the relevant and appropriate authorities. All the members were supposed to be faithful in paying taxes to the state and Federal government Lucas & George, 578). They were also trusted to protect the properties of their organization and also provide equal chances for job opportunities to all manner of persons. First, the dilemma in Navy

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