US History

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In the study of the History of United States, there is the realization that there were tremendous changes in the years 1898-1918. The United States changed from being a great country with little influence on the world affairs to a world power. The changes emanated from the deliberate efforts of America in achieving international diplomacy. With the attainment of the diplomacy, it meant that America could engage in many countries’ affairs and also exercise her power. There was also much engagement in global events following the realizations of the power. The accomplishments came from the involvement of the United States in the First World War, whereby; there was the attainment of a prominent position in the global arena. The American victory in the Spanish-American War widened the interest of the U.S. in foreign affairs more so in the Pacific because of the widening of the US possessions following the war; America was able to expand her overseas holdings especially to the Pacific. The victory brought new interest to the canal through Panama as there were realizations that there would be great gains in the engagement. Acquisition of the Spain’s’ Pacific possessions meant that; there would be no pulling back in the interests. The entrance of the US into the war two and a half years after it had started impacted her world status as the was realization that America was a great country. Going by the impact she had on the war; it meant that; if the entrance had been earlier on, there would have been a tremendous effect. The participation in the war increased the US possessions especially in the Pacific, hence the economic gains. Politically, there were realizations that

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