US Constitution

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U.S constitution Name Institution Course Date California State became a state on 9th of September, 1850. Constitution was then the document in use to define how California government should be run. California State adopted a new constitution in May 1879. The U.S Constitution was signed on September 17th, 1778. The constitution established fundamental laws, America’s national government. The constitution also guaranteed basic right to its citizens. The U.S constitution has four sheets, 28-3/4 inches by 23-5/8inches for every sheet. It also has 27 amendments. As compared to the California constitution the U.S constitution is short. In fact, the California constitution is about eight time the length of the U.S constitution. The California Constitution has 512 amendments. The government of U.S is divided into three main branches. They include; executive, legislative and judicial branches. The three branches of the U.S government has several other divisions, all these government and division operate in union with each other to establish a balance among the three branches. The branch of legislative is made of Congress. The Congress is divided into two chambers: House of Representative and the Senate. The executive branch is primarily made up of the president of U.S, the vice president, the cabinet and the executive office of the president. The main body of the judicial compromises of the U.S court of appeal and the U.S Supreme Court. Just like U.S constitution the California Constitution has three branches; the Legislative it is composed of the legislature of the California which includes the senate and the assembly. The main body of the executive consist the

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