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URBAN FORM Name Registration Course Date 1: Central Business District, CBD A central business district refers to a commercial and business center city. For bigger cities, CBD is equivalent to the financial district. Based on geographical location, CBD coincides with the city center or downtown though these two concepts are not the same. Many cities have a CBD situated from their commercial or their cultural city or downtown. Also, the CBD and the city or downtown center may have a coincidence with the central activities district. Often, a CBD comprises of the concentration of retails and office structures. The population in CBD areas is usually higher when compared to other surrounding districts within the city. On top of this, it is this place that always has the tallest building in the city. Midtown Manhattan so far is the biggest CBD in New York City and even in the world. However, Lower Manhattan or Downtown Manhattan indeed represents the second biggest CBD in New York City and its geographical position is in the southern section of Midtown. Globalization of cities entails the process where everyone and communities experience and increment in the economic, social and cultural setups. Following this definition, this process has impact on each and every all over the world. For instance, a more kind of integrated world comes with benefits and problems since it affects the economic balance, politics and the culture of various nations. Likewise, globalization of cities limits the freedoms and rights of human beings. Also, social workers stand a chance of meeting many people who have been hardly hit by the consequences generated by the globalization of

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