Unity 9 & 10 – Systems Platforms and Wordlwide Networks

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Unity 9 & 10 Systems Platforms and Worldwide Networks Student’s Name Institution’s Name Different Systems Platforms Two system platforms exist; they are the mainframe and distributed platforms. Mainframe Networks are large computers such as the ones that use zSeries hardware. Mainframes are widely scalable as they quickly meet user requirements even after a software or hardware is changed in size or volume. Distributed systems comprise of midrange computers that communicate together such that they appear as a single local machine to the end user (Henderson, 2016). Determination of most secure system Several factors are considered when determining if a system if secure. Among the most common looked at factors are, how well the system protects other things other than data. Secondly, can the system be audited? A secure system should allow being controlled through the Sarbanes-Oxley and other auditing techniques. A computer that runs for long without requiring a restart is considered to be secure. Secure systems have a higher rate of encryption and decryption. Lastly, the speed at which a system connects to other platforms and the internet as weighed against the security threats posed is used to determine the safety of a system (Hampson & Beaubien, 2005). Please explain Internet Infrastructure and how to secure it The internet infrastructure is composed of several networks that connect to each other from computers, phones, and other items that make up the internet of things (IoT). Many items are continuously being redeveloped to access the internet or get connected to a network. DNS systems are the most used in accessing the internet, attacks aimed

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