United States Navy

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Lastname FirstnameProfessor Course Date: United States Military Navy Human resource management is vital in the control and running of an organization. The effectiveness of a body relies on the commitment to deliver services. The human resource department aids in the strategic deployment of the crucial assets in an institution. The department is the driving force towards the organization goals and objectives. The organization needs efficient processes and structures to promote service delivery. Process improvement contributes significantly towards the growth of a team. Human resource department is responsible for the selection and placement process. The process aids in deploying the productive workforce that can contribute in achieving the organization’s goals. However, the human resource department is involved in other activities such as career development and training. The areas improve the individuals' expertise which enhances productivity. Performance management is also a core aspect for the human resource. The various attributes are critical in the military sector. The paper explores the United States military (Navy) and effectiveness of the core human resource areas. Role of Human Resource Management The human resource department plays a role in various activities such as the recruitment process and other events including the administration. Efficient human resource management ensures crucial utilization of the organization resources. Selection and planning process is the most significant role of the human resource management. In the case of the US Navy Military, the human resource should tend to recruit the best candidates. The complexity of the

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