United States is a great place to live

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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course number: Date: The United States is a great place to live The United States has both upsides and drawbacks in matters concerning education, living and working but the upsidesgenerally outweigh the latter. Relating to other first world countries, it boasts of the best education system that is unique and whole rounded. Secondly, its culturally diverse and social amenities are readily available and relatively of high standards. Lastly, it has the most conducive working environment with promotions based on performance and vast opportunities. This makes it one of the best countries regarding structure that cater for all its citizens despite the social class. The education system is the best as the number of students per professor is small, and thus they get a personalized experience from an early age. In college and university, the system is unique with emphasis on the individual student’s skills and expertise. Their advanced technology and research in almost all fields also enable students to acquire knowledge and experience in the dynamic world. The standard of living in the US is high as most of the social amenities like hospitals school are accessible. Despite the high taxes and the cost of living being high in some states, the majority of individuals access these common basic needs. The US is rated among the best countries that treat their minority citizens best compared to other countries. This also gives room for cultural diversity because of the kind nature of the American citizens. According to working conditions and experiences, the US provides the most job opportunities from all professional fields. People with

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