Unit 2 3/8/13

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Name: Course Instructor: Date: Unit Questions Joseph Stalin rose to power after the death of Vladimir Lenin and even though he was not the intended successor he was able to use his position within the Soviet Communist Party to become the definite leader of the Soviet Union. In the 1930s the Soviet Union was amongst the largest totalitarian country in the world because of Stalin's paranoia and dictatorship. He started the Great Purge to get rid of his rivals in the government and anyone who spoke out against him using his secret police force. The confrontation of Hitler's aggression by the US, French, and Britain was considered a failure because the allies differed on how to handle Germany and also Germany rejected the stipulations of reparations. Additionally, before WWII, the British and France tried to appease Hitler. The Britons saw Hitler as a possible ally against Russian communism while the French were just in fear of having to go through another war in Europe. Truman argued that the using the atomic bomb will save the military and end the war quickly. Secondly was that the US was so accustomed to dictating peace and winning battles thus this victory would make Truman look good. In my opinion, this decision could not have been avoided because it led to an immediate surrender of the Japanese which was the best solution for all parties at that time. The House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) was formed to probe suspected rebelliousness and disloyal actions on civic workers, the general public, any other groups that were alleged of having Communist ties in 1938. Those who spoke against HUAC like the Hollywood ten were jailed and banned from

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