Unfair Labor Practice Law Suit

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Unfair Labor Practices Law Suit Student’s Name Institution Labor union plays a significant role in the protection of individual employee from the management power that is sometimes formidable. In both the negotiation and implementation of collective bargain agreement the organization power in representing the interest of the employees counterbalances the overwhelming power of the employer. Labor union represents variety of employees. This implies that they have diverse interest. Yet, some of the employees feel inevitably dissatisfied with the union negotiation on collective bargain agreement. Today, within the current legal framework the administration of collective bargain guarantee greater protection in regards to the individual employee. By diminishing the control of the union in terms of how employees’ access grievances machinery without necessarily ruining the vitality of the process of collective bargain. Fair representation duty is a doctrine developed in line with judicially and it is designed with intentions of protecting an individual employee from the union bad faith conduct. The employees must prove union bad faith conduct before the court for the court to consider the merits of their claims otherwise, relief might be difficult to secure (Fossum, 2014). Even though fair representation duty is a determinant of when an individual employee can sue in court. The content of the actual duty must be derived from the provisions within the collective bargain agreement rather not from the intentions of the union. The agreement substantive provisions offer objective limit to the discretion of the union in dropping or settling grievances. On the other hand,

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