Unethical Environments

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Abu Ghraib presenceprison and the Stanford Prison Experiment Name Institution Date Competing values at Abu Ghraib prison and the Stanford Prison Experiment There was the abuse of the power at Abu Ghraib prison. U.S soldiers abused prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison located outside Bagdad in Iraq. The dehumanizing acts occurred when the United States led terrorism war (Blackwell, 2004). The soldiers staged humiliating sexual acts that initiated an outrage in the Arab world. In Stanford prison, the guards stripped prisoners naked, chained them, hooded them, failed to give them food and beddings. They locked them in isolated confinement and forced them to clean toilet bowls using bare hands. The prisoners received smocks in form of dresses to look feminine without underwear’s, and nylon stocking caps for wearing. Their Identification cards failed to identify them individually. The smocks limited their movements. The guards were untrained and at times had the prisoners simulate sodomy actions on each other. The guards forced the prisoners to masturbate as they took their photographs and videotaped. They arranged male detainees in one pile and jumped on them. They punished the male detainees by forcing them to carry sandbags on their heads. They attached wires on their toes, fingers, and penis to simulate electric torture. The Stanford prison experiment Stanford experiment is similar to Abu Ghraib prison experiments. There were evident deindividuation and dehumanization. Psychologists designed the experiment to study deindividuation effects in the presence of power struggle. College men carried out the investigation within two weeks and paid 15 dollars each

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