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Unemployment I write this memo to address the issue of unemployment. Although there have been reports suggesting that there has been a tremendous improvement in dealing with the problem of unemployment, it is worth noting that, even the lowest levels of unemployment are not acceptable. Unemployment is a macroeconomic element that touches on the existence of some labor force which is not getting to exercise the full potential in work because of the lack of opportunity. A person gets the description as unemployed when one is looking for a job and is available to work. Unemployment usually declines with the economic prosperity, (Kleykamp & Jer-Yuh, 1158). Addressing the issue of economic advancement is a way of tackling the menace of unemployment along the other ailments that come with downfalls in the economy. Unemployment is a problem usually associated with economic recession. The more there is an inclination towards recessions in the economy, the more there continues to be expansions of unemployment. These facts are evident in consideration of the unemployment trends in the history of the United States economy. During 1990 and 1991 years, there was increased employment following the improvement of the economy, however, in 2007-2009, there was an increment in the unemployment following the recession. There have been various efforts of addressing the unemployment from different perspectives, but there seems to have not been a permanent solution. There have been realizations that; the right way to tackle unemployment is to embrace tactics of job creation. However, there have been different suggestions on the manner in which the government can create the employment

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