Undocumented Immigrants in United States of America

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Undocumented Immigrants in United States of America In the United States of America, the fate of the 11 million undocumented immigrants has created a great divide among the citizens and the political leaders. Some sections including the democrats are to the idea that they should be granted citizenship while those against are to the idea that they should be deported. Those for the idea of granting the undocumented immigrants American citizenship argue that it will benefit America economically. On the other hand, those against the move believe that the only method of dealing with the undocumented immigrants is deportation. The issue took center stage during the American 2016 presidential elections with both the two leading presidential candidates taking opposite stands. The democratic candidate Hillary Clinton was in the opinion of granting the undocumented immigrants American citizenship. The republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, who is the current president is in the opinion of deportation (Janiewski 184). Therefore, by the help of the sociological theories, this paper will strive at addressing the best way of dealing with the issue of the undocumented immigrants in the United States of America. It can be argued that the functionalism would without doubts favor granting the undocumented immigrant the American citizenship. According to the functionalism, different parts of the society always work hand in hand with the sole purpose of maintaining societal status quo together with meeting the societal social needs. Therefore, the American economy is better off with them being citizens. One important point is that America as a society and industries, in

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