Understanding Unforgiveness and Forgiveness

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UNDERSTANDING UN-FORGIVENESS AND FORGIVENESS Student’s Name Course Title: Course Name Date Worthington writings forgiveness often triggers to the mind to mind to consider automatically how a Christian would react to a situation that demands forgiveness. If one forgives another yesterday for an offense, then it is imperative to ponder on how the forgiver would handle the negative emotions that bubble to the surface today. Well, it could mean that the individual never forgave the other; also, one might wonder how long forgiveness takes. It is these concerns that ideally provided directions to the differentiation of forgiveness two categories that have given the writer his impressive recognition. The latter is rather mechanical, where a person makes a judicial decision to close the case regarding an offense committed. Under this scenario, a person makes a willful decision to no longer pursue revenge or seek anything from the offender, this is supported in (Matthew 6:12-15). Emotional forgiveness is the process rather than an abrupt decision, where harmful unforgiving feelings are replaced with constructive inclined feelings such as sympathy, love or kindness. Even though it might take love, Worthington calls a total elimination of all harmful intolerant emotions. When one is still burdened by painful memories of an offense inflicted by another person, the REACH process can serve as a useful tool to move to either a decisional forgiveness or emotional forgiveness. Personally, emotional forgiveness seems the better options as it totally alleviates one from the burden of the memories. REACH is an acronym for recall, empathize, altruism and committing, a tool that

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