Understanding Media The extensions of Man Revised

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Name Instructor Course Date The effects of Media to Man In Marshall McLuhan’s work, Understanding Media The extension of Man, technology has induced significant influences on people’s daily routine. People’s action and reactions are co-occurring as the age of electric technology continues reshaping patterns of social interdependence. Technology is changing every aspect of people’s social life, forcing them not to reconsider their thoughts or actions. Thesis Statement: A majority of individuals do not realize the effects incurred by a transformed technology. Specifically, the effects can be evidenced by the manner in which communication is taking place. In page 25, McLuhan said, “The effects of technology do not occur at the levels of opinions or concepts.” (McLuhan 25). The authors meant that, people will not easily notice changes while paying attention to how technology is benefiting them. He added that “it alters sense ratios or patterns of perception steadily and without any resistance.” (McLuhan 25). The media, technology, plays a critical part in our lives and dramatically transforms the entire society in so many ways that have unexplored facets of life. McLuhan has defined media as a technology that results in an extension of the human body. His claims are supported by the extent to which, scientists consume technology to expand the work of human organs, through creativity and research work. For instance, the use of telescope is an extension of individuals’ brains or senses. The consumption of media has become a habit and fundamentally reliable such that people are unable to perform duties without technical aid. McLuhan said, “The

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