Understanding Autism

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Understanding Autism Autism remains one of the most challenging conditions in the modern society. It increases very first thus affecting more children every other day. It impairs the mental development of the children making them less important society members. There has been high-level research carried out to determine the causes, the management models and the possible treatment of the condition. However, it remains a great challenge to handle the condition due to its lack of a direct medical cure. Such children develop learning and work difficulties. Though at times, such children may just remain normal, the state of success a person achieves depends on how early the condition is identified and the kind of care that the person is put through. Some people have made tremendous improvements in handling their autistic conditions, but some people who identified the condition late always struggle to recover from the symptoms and the impacts. This paper explores the meaning of autism the predisposing conditions and ways of its management. It looks at the early signs of the autistic condition is a child and gives a personal 4expernce with the condition. Meaning Of Autism Autism is a condition that is neither an illness nor disease but a spectrum state that arises from the hampered brain development of an individual especially during infancy and early childhood. For a long time, the causes of autism have remained a mystery, but the development of the modern medical fields and technology can reveal that cause arises from the genetical changes and mutations that can reduce the level of brain formation. It is one of the greatest health concerns in modern America as its rate of

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