Underground Railroad

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Name: Instructor: School: Date: The Underground Railroad In the discussions of history, scholars come across the aspect of the Underground Railroad. This topic presents the secret routes comprising of safety lines and houses which were used in the 19th century by the slaves of African origin in the United States, in a bid to escape to the Free States and Canada. It was not possible for the slaves to achieve success in the attempts without help from the allies. Hence, the slaves received support from the abolitionists and the people who were sympathizing with their cause. The discussion of the formation and usage of the railroad form the basis of this paper with much orientation towards connecting the happenings then with the world of today. The railroads The underground railroads denote the secretive routes and safe houses that were used by the African slaves with the help of allies and abolitionists in a bid to escape from slavery. “The underground railroads led mainly to the Free States, Canada as well as Mexico.” Although the authorities had got wind of the existence of the railroad early enough, there were underestimates. The underestimations worked well for the slaves because; there was a continued safe usage of the paths. There were estimations that; by the year 1850, there had been more than 100,000 slave escapes through the railroad. One may be tempted to think that hundred thousand is a subtle number going by the estimations of the slaves then. However, it is essential to note that; this is a highly significant number considering that; the railroad was not the only route of escape, and also that the populations were down then, unlike today when a

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