Uncle Tom’s Cabin Themes with 20 examples

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Name: Institution: Course: Date: Uncle Tom’s Cabin Uncle Tom’s cabin is an anti-slavery novel written by an American author and a teacher, Harriet Beecher Stowe. The book, published in 1852, advocated for freedom of all human beings and is believed to have laid the groundwork for the civil war in America. In addition to slavery theme, the book also brings out other themes such as race, religion, gender, love, suffering, violence among others. The following are some of the themes and their examples as depicted in the book. The evil of slavery Having been published after enactment of Fugitive Slave Act of 1950, the novel is advocating for the abolishment of slavery. For examples, evil of slavery is shown; 1. In as much as Arthur Shelby believed in fair treatment of slaves, he decides to sell Tom as a commodity to raise funds to pay his debts and save his farm. This negatively affects Tom’s family. 2. At St. Clare’s Marie denied their slaves to mourn the death of her daughter Eva who was very close to them, in an attempt to seek attention. 3. Contrary to St. Clare and Shelby, slaves in ruthless Legree’s plantations, suffered all sorts of atrocities from beating, sexual abuse and murder. Simon Legree hated Tom because he had refused to beat his fellow slaves and eventually orders his death when he refuses to betray the escaped slaves. 4. The book also talks of Prue, a constant drunkard who was whipped to death for drinking as a result of losing her son to hunger. 5. Slavery affected many families as a result of separation, and this is seen in the case of Tom being sold and being separated from his family which greatly affect them. 6.

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