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Mobile Manufacturing Inc. Memorandum Mobile Manufacturing Inc. Date: February 27th, 2018. From: Marketing Manager Subj: Targeted market segments for the new product To: General Manager The purpose of this memo is to address the issues concerning the marketing of the new product launched by MM, explain what target market is used and why the market was a focus of attention to sell the product. The market segment selected for this new product is job holder individuals. That is because the functions of the product align with the needs of people that have a full-time and will need their phones at all times for professional use. These people have to check and respond to their emails and get connected to people. They also need to ensure that their phone has the functionality to link them to their family and is not just a work phone. For that, this new product addresses their needs by providing them with built-in applications for emails and also has applications for other social media. Another factor worth noticing here is that these employed people need their phones for an extended duration of time and might not have the resources to charge their phone every now and then. For that matter, the new product will be ideal for them, and they can use their phone for at least the time they are at work without having to charge it. The target market needs a lot of space in its phone and needs a high-speed device. In that regard, they will be a promising market segment for the new product and are expected to generate a high amount of revenue. The market is located in any commercial area where employers are situated. Although these people are also present in the residential

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