U.S. invasion of Panama

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Name Tutor Course Date Invasion of Panama Introduction The United States attacked Panama in the year 1989 in an operation which was known as Operation Just Cause. This operation occurred during the era of President George H Bush, and he ordered the attack due to the country being involved in drug trafficking in America. Moreover, after the invasion the leader of Panama who was known as Manuel Noriega was overthrown from leadership and was replaced by Guillermo Endara. The Panama defense force was also dissolved, and another defense force was created to help in defending the country from other future attacks (Burrell, Millie & Et al, 2177-2193). Background of the Invasion Panama was a very important and strategic place for America, and they maintained military bases in the region. However, in 1977 a treaty was signed between the United States and the Leader of Panama whose main purpose was to give Panama full control of it’s Canal. However, although the canal was supposed to be ruled by the Panama government, the United States military remained in the region. The United States also made conditions before the transfer of the canal that required American shipping’s to pass through the canal anytime they wanted. Moreover, America had a longtime relationship with Noriega who provided intelligent information to the government and various agencies for many years. Noriega had supported the United States in many occasions rather than the USSR such as the revolution in El Salvador by the FMLN group and many other occasions. Due to this reason, Noriega was awarded an increase of his salary by the American government for him to continue providing support to

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