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Student’s Name: Professor: Course: Date: ‘Typhoid Mary-The Most Dangerous Woman in America’ The documentary Typhoid Mary-The Most Dangerous Woman in America depicts the ordeals Mary Mallon faced as a typhoid bacteria’s carrier. She never contracted the disease, but she passed the germs onto others. Her misfortunes began when she was employed by a wealthy New York family as a cook. After a short while, typhoid broke out in the family and claimed ten lives. This set stage for what was to be a painful nightmare. Refusing to admit that her body carried typhoid germs, Mary went on getting jobs as a cook. She infected people wherever she went. Her case was unique, and she was branded the name Typhoid Mary, a name that stigmatized her. She was also made a laboratory pet, as she was constantly quarantined against her wishes. Albeit being a healthy carrier, the Department of Health failed to work with her and give her a shot at leading a normal life (Typhoid Mary: The Most Dangerous Woman in America n.p). Some events in the film are examples of decisions made regarding Mary’s diagnosis, treatment, and quarantine. After investigations revealed that Mary was the source of typhoid bacteria, the Department of Health made a decision to isolate her in Riverside Hospital, North Border Island. The decision was made after Mary had caused over ten families to suffer from typhoid. The health department made the decision since Mary was a threat to the people she came into contact with. In such cases, clinicians may make decisions with the patient’s and the public’s interest at heart. The decision to isolate Mary was for the greater good. Also, although she wasn’t

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