Types of Microalgae in UAE

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3.2 Types of Microalgae in the UAE Name Temperature (0c) Reference Symbiodinium Thermophilum >10.5 BUT <28.1 Asterionellopsis glacialis Chaetoceros 24.08 Guinardia flaccida 24.08 Eucampia zodiacus 24.08 Prorocentrum micans 24.08 Prorocentrum balticum 24.08 Prorocentrum minimum 24.08 Pseudo-nitzschia pungens 24.38 Pseudo-nitzschia seriata 24.38 Skeletonema costatum 24.38 Cochlodinium polykrikoides 24.38 Dinophysis Caudata 24.38 Guinardia striata 25.83 Thalassiosira 25.83 Guinardia flaccida 27.54 Navicula 27.54 Ceratium fusus 27.54 Protoperidinium 27.54 References: D. Riddle, "An Update on Symbiodinium Species and Their Hosts," Advanced Aquarist, vol. xvii, 2016. M. Ali Khan, K. G. A. Qalandri, A. Sankaran, L. H. Adnani, and U. AlAlami, "Monitoring of phytoplankton species and associated bacterial populations in the coastal water of United Arab Emirates," Apr.

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