Types of Domestic Violence

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Domestic Violence Students Name Institution Date   Domestic Violence Domestic violence involves violence or other abuse by one person against another in a domestic setting, such as in marriage. It occurs when the abuser believes that violence is acceptable, justified, or unlikely to be reported. Intimate partner violence is the abuse directed at a partner with whom an individual has an intimate relationship. Domestic violence can take place within intimate or family relationships. It can take the different forms of physical abuse, sexual abuse, and economic abuse. Physical abuse is deliberately hurting someone and causing injuries such as bruises, broken bones, burns or cuts. People who are physically abused suffer violence such as being hit, kicked, poisoned, burned and slapped or having objects thrown at them. Many women are victims of physical abuse by their intimate partners. Children in the household also tend to suffer from this act since it affects them psychologically and emotionally. Children are also victims of physical abuse since the face violence like being hurt, bruised, and slapped by their parents or guardian. Victims of abuse most have psychological disorders, commonly depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. The effects of abuse are manifest immediately after abuse or may be delayed. These effects impact on the victim's behavior, thought process and self-esteem. Examples of this kind of violence have been cited in the media. For example, media reports show that in the US, 85% of violence experienced by women is as a result of intimate partner violence CITATION Kau08 l 2057 (Kaur & Garg, 2008). According to

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