Types of Crises/Disasters

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Types of Crises/Disasters Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Date Types of Crises/Disasters The crisis presents the occurrence of a calamity that affects the execution of human services. For this reason, various intervention strategies are used to prevent the occurrence of a crisis. Various types of crises considered in this analysis include natural disasters, school shootings, terrorism, and an instance of military trauma. There are various similarities and differences of these crises. One similarity is a case of the predisposition of the victim to danger. One difference can be seen where a natural disaster is based on nature unlike with the case of military trauma or school shootings. Other segments have covered the crisis responding roles presented by both the national and international organizations like the American Red Cross, National Guard, FEMA, among others. These and other considerations are exemplified in this coursework. Types of Crises There are various types of crises. These includes posttraumatic stress disorder, the crisis of lethality, sexual assault, partner violence, family crisis, personal loss (bereavement), and crises in schools. Other types of crises covered in this context include natural disasters, workplace/school shooting, military trauma, and terrorism. A natural disaster involves the cause of crisis due to hurricane, earthquake, tsunami, among other cases which cause a devastating effect on an area of land. It causes damage to people, infrastructure, businesses, and homes. In other words, natural disasters are associated with catastrophic actions which cause a huge calamity on the surface of the earth. Workplace/school shooting is a

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