Type a 300 word biography about each of the following leaders.

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: CALHOUN John Caldwell Calhoun was an American statesman born on March 18, 1782, in Abbeville, South Carolina. He went to Yale College and also attended Litchfield Law School. Calhoun began his political career in South Carolina’s parliament in 1808 after being elected. Calhoun later won the elections to the United States House of Representatives. He stayed in office for three terms. When recessions hit the United States, Calhoun realized that the British policies were running the economy. He managed to persuade the House to declare war against Great Britain. In 1817, he was appointed the secretary of war by President James Monroe until 1825. Calhoun decided to run for the presidency in 1824 together with John Adams, Crawford, Andrew Jackson and Henry Clay. He, however, opted to withdraw from the race and with the support he got from Jackson, he ran for vice presidency without any opposition. When President John Quincy Adams came to power in 1824, he appointed Calhoun as his deputy. He was voted in again as vice president in 1828 under President Andrew Jackson. He resigned from the position after differing with Jackson about federal tariffs legislature which in his opinion only favored the North and harmed the South. In 1832, John Calhoun resigned from his seat since he could not win the fight over tariffs with President Jackson. After resigning, Calhoun entered the United States Senate until 1844 when he was appointed as Secretary of State under President John Tyler, a position he served until 1845. He later returned to the Senate where he disputed the Mexican-American war. Calhoun died on March 31, 1850, aged 58 in

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