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Article Review Name Institutional Affiliation Date Article Review In the article titled One Productivity Problem: We're Only Human, Tyler Cowen expresses his opinions on how the human imperfections are affecting productivity growth. However, in his description, he fails to mention the positive sides of human error. For this reason, this paper will be addressing the benefits of human error on productivity in the United States of America. Cowen instigates his argument with a statement about how humans are poor at following instructions. Precisely, he states that “We are not great at following rules, and we work better in communities” (Cowen, 2017). Subsequently, Cowen supports these claims by giving various examples. He explains that the healthcare sector would be working better if patients and practitioners were more keen and disciplined. For instance, people opt to take up poor dietary habits and medication to control blood sugar, which has led to an increase in diabetes patients. Cowen also blames this on the low returns on the development of new anti-diabetes medicines (2017). Another example that further supports Cowen’s claim about social influence is the music concert he claims to have attended. Despite watching Paul McCartney performing on stage on a TV screen at the venue of the show, Cowen states that he was highly entertained because other people around him were similarly enjoying the show (Cowen, 2017). This shows that indeed, people’s actions, behaviors, and preferences greatly influence those around them. Cowen also uses the mode of instruction in a class setting to illustrate his claim that humans work better in the company of others.

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