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Admission Essay After months of scouting for which college to join, I finally settled on the University of Southern California (USC). I have always been interested in science, human health and helping others. For me, a combination of the three could only be found in Biology and Biochemistry. Many people will agree that Biology do is not for the faint-hearted. Occasionally, it involves dissecting animals and humans to understand better how they work. I genuinely believe that the University of Southern California offers the best chance succeeding in Biology and Biochemistry as a major and second choice major respectively. I have a clear trajectory of how I want my career to develop. First on the list is making it to school and learning as much as I can about Biology and Biochemistry. This will mean immersing myself into books and dedicating much of my free time towards studying. This is a sacrifice I am willing to make. I understand that I will reap the benefits later on in life. I do not just want to be a Biologist; I want to be the best there is. Engrossing myself in studies as well as actively participating in class will also ensure my academics do not suffer. I chose USC because it has a very notable portfolio in championing for not only educational skills but also of life skills. These skills help the individuals who go to the school to be good at what they do and to succeed at the highest level. Law and History I also have an innate desire to learn about law and history. The two seem to go hand in hand. It also seems like a peculiar decision considering that I will major in Biology and take on Biochemistry as my second major. The two seem a long way off

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