Tubular Reactor Analysis

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Tubular Reactor Analysis Name Institution Tubular Reactor Analysis EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Ethanol manufacturing, whereby ethyle acetate and sodium hydroxide act as input to produce sodium acetate and ethanol, is of significant economic interest, and indeed accounts for an active research and development field due to its prominence as a 2nd order kinetic reaction. Among the available and acknowledged conventional processes is the use of tubular reactors that represent one of the most important industrial processes for ethanol production. These systems become necessary after remarkable developments were reported in terms of improved reactor activity. However, for the system to be used in an efficient manner, it must be personalized. In this respect, the present proposal is aimed at highlighting the important aspects of tubular reactors, with the strategies applied and outcomes summarized with respect to Acrid Chemicals Company (ACC) that seeks to improve its operations. Currently, the company is operating a 5.89 liter capacity tubular reactor that works at a set temperature of 25oC to achieve a 64% conversion rate. The company intends for the new reactor design to achieve a confidence at 95% and conversion at 90%. To facilitate the determination of an optimized reactor design that would achieve the set conditions, laboratory experiments were carried out in which calculations revealed that the ideal reactor design should be 18.64 m in length, 0.05 m in diameter, have a capacity of 36.6 liters and operate at 50oC temperature. Although the proposed reactor design is expected to cost $3,229 to set up, marking it as costing $2,003 more than the base design, the cost

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