Tuberculosis Programs

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Tuberculosis Programs Abstract Various interventions and programs assist in fighting the tuberculosis problem in Europe. They include the Framework Action Plan, the Consolidated Action Plan, the Video Observed Treatment plan, and the EMLT (Equipe Mobile de Lutte contre la Tuberculose). These strategies either alleviate the issue of patient medication or attempt to ensure that all individuals in the respective regions are provided with tuberculosis treatment. Nurses are essential in encouraging tuberculosis patients undergoing TB treatment. However, there are minimal studies conducted that intend to educate legislators and medical experts on nurses’ encounters of therapy observance by TB patients. Instructing patients, giving the treatment, monitoring and checking medication, and collaborating with the patients are the primary responsibilities of nurses in maintaining observance. Furthermore, observing medication plans can be impacted by the nurse and patient perceptions. Offering transport and food can encourage amenability in treatments. Therefore, nurses are vital assets in the achievement of the TB management strategies. Tuberculosis Programs in Europe To start, Europe has a program referred to as the Framework Action Plan which strives in assessing present regional conditions and utilizing these situations in building a cohesive European Union approach in combating MDR-TB and TB (European Union’s Health Programme, 2016). This strategy is comprised of the central ideologies of global cooperation and developing alliances. Moreover, there is the Consolidated Action Plan that aims to counteract and reduce multiresistant tuberculosis (M/XDR-TB) in Europe. This program

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