Trump’s Election Extra Credit Assignment

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Trump’s Election Extra Credit Assignment In 2008, if anyone would have suggested that Donald Trump could come to be the President of U.S, he would have been laughed off. Even after he announced his intentions to run most people saw it as a joke. Other candidates must have laughed him off or completely ignored him. The elections of 2016 would come go down in history as one of America’s most surprising election outcomes. First of all, a highly unlikely candidate announced his candidature, defeated seasoned politicians in party primaries and went on to win the elections. Donald Trump amazed America and the world by beating Hillary Clinton for the presidency. Not even the polls got it right. Donald Trump’s election victory has various historical significances, and it brings to light certain factors about America that were previously ignored by many. Donald Trump could have potentially pulled off the greatest upset in American history. Although polls had predicted that Hillary Clinton would easily win, Trump still won. How did he beat the system? How did the pollsters get everything wrong? Roxanne James of ESPN magazine told CNN that Trump’s election might be proof that polls are not the true voices of America. Additionally, she argues that Twitter is the voice of Americans and their voice is angry, white and raging against the political elite (Jones, 1). Furthermore, Trump’s victory will be remembered to be the day when America’s voiceless got a voice. Some Americans felt ignored, forgotten and that they do not matter. These people felt that Donald was one of them and they came out in droves to support him (Talley, 1). Trump spoke to the angry, working-class

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