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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Number Date Trump vs Muslims The recently concluded US elections declared Donald Trump as the newly president-elect. It is now that I realize that my parents brought me up with compassion and understanding when I look at my childhood. My parents have always insisted that I should treat others with respect and kindness especially those who are different from me. I realize Trump does not care about others as he plans to ban Muslim immigrant in the US. During his campaigns, Donald Trump suggested that US borders be shutdown to Muslim immigrants. He echoed these statements after the attack on San Bernardino. He said there was such disdain among Muslims around the globe towards Americans that it was important to repel them as a group until the issue was better caught on. Banning Muslims in the US is a contradiction with Obama’s remark that people should not turn against each other and the war against terrorism should not be defined as a war between Islam and America. During the presidential campaigns, I looked as he and his supporters guaranteed that all Muslims either know fear mongers or ought to be banned from moving into America. I didn't quickly understand the enormous effect that a prohibition on Muslim immigration could have since I do not practice Islam. Despite the fact that Trump's thought was for sure petrifying, I let myself know that it would be practically outlandish for our politically partitioned Congress to endorse such a ban. While Muslims have an obligation to distinguish and dismiss radicalism inside their positions, a majority of the Islam followers are peaceful. Trump should, therefore, reconsider

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