Trump First year as President.

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Name Instructor Course Date Trump First Year as President According to the piece titled “Trump’s first year proves we are incredibly fortunate to have him as our president" by Newt Gingrich it is evident that the author aims at praising, acknowledging and emphasizing on the actions he views Trump has succeeded to perform at the expense of what Trump has failed to achieve. From this column, it is clear that the author sees the media as a barrier towards Trump's success. However, Newt is ignorant of the roles of the media and their reason for resistance in his aim to express Trump’s success. “Syndrome that the media, unfortunately, suffer from has become a major barrier to accurate coverage of the trump presidency"(Gingrich). From the article mentioned earlier it is clear that Trump has achieved quite a good number of the promises he made and some of them include approval of 12 judges he appointed, to revoke some of Obama’s health care regulation, as the capital city of Israel, and most of all he has ensured an economic growth. On the other hand, he has failed to achieve “good infrastructure, a solution to the high rate of poverty among some American citizens and a solution to the intensified racism” (Gingrich). From the above mentioned Trump's merits and demerits, it is clear that the columnist of this piece is biased and unrealistic on some issues such as his accusation of media as a distract of Trump’s achievement and his claim that Trump is effectively more than rival due to the diverse grounds in which each president stands. Newt Gingrich has failed to recognize the purpose of the media in a nation’s politics in that he has openly bashed

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