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Name Instructor Course Date Trifles Susan Glaspell is one of the most famous writers in the world. Her most popular work and one of the greatest works of American theater is the one-act play called ‘Trifles.’ In the play, a woman, Mrs. Wright, murders her husband and the law enforcement officials come to her house for investigations that would make the preferred charge against her succeed. They were looking for the motive behind the killing, currently called the mens rea part of a crime that has to be proved in a murder case. However, two women, who accompanied the officials and who knew Mrs. Wright, sabotaged their mission. The reason why they subverted justice was that they felt that justice would not be served in the patriarchal society because the suspect in the case was a woman, they defined justice differently than the society, and feminism arose among them. One of the things that made Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale decide to subvert justice by hiding the evidence is the belief that justice would not be served. The murder took place in an era whereby women knew that they were regarded as second-class citizens. Men dominated the law enforcement agency and almost every other field. They would not give a fair trial to a guilty woman, especially one who was guilty of murdering a man. If the women had a guarantee that Mrs. Wright would go through a fair trial, maybe they would have shown the law enforcement officials the motive behind the killing. However, this could not be guaranteed, and as such, the women decided to counter the patriarchal law (Mael 281). Therefore, they reached their decision for fear of injustice against Mrs. Wright. Another thing that

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