Treaty of Versailles

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Name: Instructor: School: Date: Treaty of Versailles Introduction In historical discussions, scholars come across the phrase treaty of Versailles. This phrase refers to the peace agreement at the end of the World War one, specifically on the 28th day of June 1919. The treaty of Versailles saw the termination of the war between German and the Allied power. It was not until the 21st of October 1919 that there came to be the registry of the treaty by the League of Nations secretariat. The armistice of the treaty had been signed earlier on, but there had been delays in signing the deal. Following the signing of the armistice, there had been a cessation of the fighting, but there had not yet been a permanent agreement. Before the Treaty of Versailles, there had been the continued fight which at the moment seemed to concentrate on German against the allied nations. The allied nations included France, Britain, Italy and Russia. The treaty of Versailles picks its name from the France city which is ten miles outside Paris. There has always been a two-sided perspective to the treaty of Versailles. One view tilts to the positive side whereby there is an association of the agreement with cessation of the war hence contributing to peace and stability of the nations. However, there is the second perspective which aligns to a negative side whereby; there is much connection of the treaty with the ignition of the Second World War. The association of the Treaty of Versailles with the Second World War outbreak emanate from the considerations of the provisions of the agreement. The deal hastened the conflict that led to the spread of the Second World War. The provisions of the

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