Treaty of Versaille

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Name: Instructor: School: Date: Treaty of Versailles The treaty of Versailles was not a good peace treaty for the future. These sentiments emanate from the considerations of the long-term impacts which prompted the outburst of the Second World War. The treaty of Versailles got signing on the 28th day of June in the year 1919. The signing of the treaty brought an end to the First World War as it saw the agreement between German and the Allied powers. However, the peace was just for the moment as the treaty contained some elements which could not see the continued existence of peace in the countries involved. The loopholes came from the controversial elements of the agreement, which stated that German should take full responsibility for the damages of the war. There was consideration of the clause as being unfair to German since the damages were as a result of the engagement of the many states. The war guilt clause, as the aspect came to be known, made the Germans to harbor grudges which later came to sprout as the Second World War, (Kimball, 9). German knew that the contributions to the damages of the war were every state; hence, it was unfair to subject her to bearing the guilt alone. Another element of the treaty of Versailles which made it not a good peace agreement for the future was the inclusion of the clause demanding that German pays reparations to the many states that formed the Entente Powers. The reparations were amounting to close to $ 500 million. Such an amount may appear like not so huge to a country like German. However, considerations of the time span would reveal that such was an enormous amount to pay. Such clauses made German to harbor

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