Treatments of drug courts

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The Effectiveness of Drug Courts for Criminal Offenders Candidate’s Name Institution’s Name Abstract The achievements of Drug Courts (DCs) in decreasing drug dependence, as well as criminal conducts, have been varied. In this research proposal, the researcher proposes to conduct a study on the effectiveness of these programs through a quasi-experimental study design by contrasting two clusters. The researcher compares a cluster of participants who were under the DCs (control cluster) with a cluster who were only on probation (comparison cluster) concerning their recidivism. The DCs programs shall be drawn from Utah State. The data of the participants shall be got from the state’s juvenile court database (comparison group) while the information of the control groups shall be obtained from four DCs programs around the state. The researcher shall contrast their 30 months data after the DCs or probation. The data will be analyzed using bivariate analyses, comprising of the chi-square as well as independent sample t-tests. Therefore, this quasi-experimental research will test DCs effectiveness through investigating re-apprehensions for Alcohol/Other Drug (AOD) as well as other crimes. Keywords: Juvenile, Drug Court, Crime, Recidivism Methodology Introduction DCs programs have been vastly adopted in the US after the first achievement of the Drug Courts had been recorded from various programs in the criminal practice as well as with the general move to therapeutic justice, which requires that the interactions among the defendants and the court must be handled in ways that promote health as well as constructive development (Shaffer 2011). During 2007, the US had

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