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Transportation Transportation enables motion, which is a characteristic of all animals, including human. Through transport, we move from one region to the other. From time immemorial, people are having the characteristics of movement through transportation. In different times of history, humans have invented various forms of transportation. However, it is distinguished that land and water are the most used water transport modes since the time of ancient Greece. This paper covers transportation evolution from the period of ancient Greek of 300 BC to the Renaissance period. Greek Greek was a super power colonizing most of the region in the Middle East, European region, and North America. The Greece nation invented a better means of locomotion to get control of the vast area. First was the use of land transport systems. Apart from walking, in the Greece time, people used animals for motion. In the Indian region and North Africa, there was a common trend of using elephants and horses for movement (Woods and Mary 40). However, the horses were preferred as the reliable mode of transportation. However, land as a mode of transport had many difficulties in the Greece time. The roads were, however, rugged, not well developed and so locomotion was often slow and impossible in bad weather conditions. Importance of using horses for transport First, the animals could survive a vast climatic condition. In the hot regions, the horses did better and also the cold region. Secondly, the horses were often more human-friendly. Horses are easier to relate with and, therefore, better to domesticate. They are even faster, as compared to the elephants as they can sprint compared to other

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