transformation of monarchy

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Student: Instructor: Course: Date: Transformation of Monarchy The rise of humanist thinking in late 14th century Europe came about with class antiquity which initially began in Italy and later spread through Western Europe. It refers to the period of Renaissance humanism, which was a reaction to utilitarian approach that was later depicted as having an association with medieval scholasticism. In the humanist thinking, there was an aim of creating a citizenry with the ability to speak and write in clarity and eloquence so as to engage in the public life of their societies and persuade other citizens to act virtuously. To accomplish this, there was a necessity to indulge in the study of humanities such as history, moral philosophy, grammar, poetry, and rhetoric. Challenging the medieval world view, this gave rise to repression as well as violence as new ideas spread. Among the consequences of this, the transformation of the monarchy was a significant one. One of the major significant developments that brought about Renaissance was the fall of feudalism. Both the economic and social systems had occurred earlier in an empire known as Carolingian that was situated in the current France. Feudalism spread through Europe as it unified all phases of life both economically, socially and politically. This entailed that various social classes depended on each other through a diversified system of loyalty pledging which was carried out in exchange for properties and services. Kings were ranked at the top and had the mandate to own the land, while lords also referred to as the noblemen as well as the clergymen who were the church officials, were given large pieces of land

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